Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Packet Extractor Generates recvpackets.txt

This is an ordinary issue that everyone want after the server maintenance when Ragnarok Client got patched. Sometimes Gamefiler update some new packets and your bot cannot recognized it and when you run your bot you will get a message like this:

Unknown packet - 0057

Please read the instruction carefully:

  1. Download packet extractor. Please report if link has broken.
  2. Extract the folder and double click Packet-Extractor file.
  3. Click button Open Ragexe/Sakexe/Ragfree
  4. Find where is the ragexe.exe or sakexe.exe or ragfree.exe located (usually inside RO folder) - for MRO should be in c:\Program Files\Gravity\MRO\Ragexe.exe
  5. Select ragexe.exe or sakexe.exe or ragfree.exe and click open
  6. Click start button and it will create recvpackets.txt inside packet-extractor folder
  7. Copy recvpackets.txt into tables folder and it will overwrite old recvpackets.txt file. You can run bot now and hopefully no more unknown packet appear.
If you have something to share regarding configs for botting kindly share it with us or upload it somewhere else like and leave a link on comment post. I will give credit to those who will post, by putting your name as a contributor. Thank you and have a nice day. Let’s Rok On!

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kerwin + February 21, 2010 at 11:31 AM (#) :

can't connect with limitro
help would be appreciated