Monday, June 9, 2008

Client for WOE Damage, Hide and Cloak player

Due too many request i have come out with this solution since the old hex code for woe damage is not working anymore. I try to figure out the new hex code for woe damage but need some tester during woe. If u interested to be a tester please leave your ym id in shout box so i can pm later. By the way this is a temporary solution and it have advantage and disadvantage.


  • Can see woe damage (still not working)
  • Can see hide/cloak player
  • Your character looks like GM


  • Will use huge amount of CPU resources

This is step how to make it working (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND DONT SPAM COMMENT POST) :-

  1. Download the client from dual client page (ERO paid/free)
  2. Paste ragfree.exe or ragexe.exe inside ERO folder (read dual client manual)
  3. Create data folder inside ero folder and the folder itself should be like this C:\Program Files\Gravity\ERO\data
  4. Download woefree.xml or woepaid.xml and put inside data folder. woefree.xml for free prontera server and woepaid.xml for paid ero server.
  5. Right click woefree.xml or woepaid.xml and open with notepad/wordpad.
  6. Find 123456 and replace the 123456 with your Account ID. How to get account id? Start your bot and it will display Account Info and you can see your Account ID.
  7. Download woefree start.bat or woepaid start.bat and put inside ero folder. Edit this file if your ragnarok client (ragfree.exe or ragexe.exe) is not located in folder C:\Program Files\Gravity\ERO\ and put the correct path. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD CORRECT FILE FOR FREE OR PAID SERVER.
  8. Check all steps completed or not. If you miss one of the step this client will not working.
  9. Double click start.bat and have fun you are GM now. Congratulations you can see woe damage, hiding and cloacking player now.

There is an update for woefree.xml and wopaid.xml as date (800208). Please download the latest file or your client will not working.

Ragnarok Dual Client Manual

At this stage i assume you guys have downloaded the dual client binary from dual client page. Here is the step how to make it working:-

  1. unzip ragfree(date).zip
  2. you will get ragfree.exe
  3. make sure you have patch your client first. How to know you have finished ragnarok client patch is you can click start button to play ragnarok.
  4. copy this file and paste inside your ERO folder and it should be link this c:\Program Files\Gravity\ERO
  5. start your ragnarok free and have fun.

Apply the same step for PAID ERO (ragexe.exe)

Ragnarok Dual Client

This is a late update from me since i'm too busy in real life. I'll try to make it quick for next update. As usual this client can support this features:-

You can get this dual client at dual client page. If you want your character can see cloak/hide player please refer to above link.

Good news because this time i will provide the hex code for dual client. Don't ask me how to use it but in future i will provide a manual how to hex your client by yourself.

This is the hex code update up to (080208) for dual client.
Search : 00 85 C0 74 0E 5F 5E B8 01
Replace : 00 85 C0 EB 0E 5F 5E B8 01

Search: 85 C0 74 07 C6 05 68 A6 78
Replace: 85 C0 EB 07 C6 05 68 A6 78

Search: 85 C0 74 07 C6 05 90 AC 78
Replace: 85 C0 EB 07 C6 05 90 AC 78


Source: ragnarokbotmanual