Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ragnarok Valkyrie Bot

So the Philippine Ragnarok is now free to play (Valkyrie server only) that’s why thousands of Pinoy gamers are now looking for the Ragnarok Valkyrie Bot. Bots are the only solution for all gamers to gain levels as well as gather items automatically. These Bots have become the biggest problem for LevelUp. LevelUP or LUG is the publisher of online games in the Philippines, Brazil and India. One of the most successful games they’ve launched was Ragnarok.

The most hottest ragnarok bot today is the Valkyrie Bot. Almost, 90% of Ragnarok PH players wanted to get a copy of this bot program, and recently LUG launched RagDefender, it was jRO’s (Japan Ragnarok Online) answer to 3rd party programs like bots. However, upon closer inspection, it was not using RagDefender to defend itself from 3rd party program penetration, earning more ire from its players.

I’ve been flooded with ragnarok players asking for a ragnarok bot. Some ask for cheats, hacks or bots, dang these kids are really pathetic! I can’t believe that even though Ragnarok has been around for almost 3 or 4 years now, still thousands of gamers are still trying to cheat. Most of them are asking bots for the Valkyrie server, and yes almost 80% of them are pinoy gamers. I really know how to use a ragnarok bot, because when I was still playing it like 1 year ago, I’ve tried and used it for almost a full year, and yes you could make billions of zennies from using a ragnarok bot.

I am just wondering why Ragnarok developers can’t stop such hacks and cheats? Why can’t they stop it? Could it be a hidden bug so that they can still make money from those ragnarok bot users? Just to give you an insight about using a ragnarok bot, in case your using an account just for the purpose of using ragnarok bot, you still have to spend some ‘real’ money, because you have to load it with a game card. And most probably the more gamers use a bot, the more money Level Up can generate :grin:

Ragnarok Bot program

This photo shows a typical bot program.

Download Ragnarok Online Bot (Open Kore)


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