Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Config for Vending

It is quite annoying when you are vending and let it for a couple of hours and when you come back you'll see you're being disconnected?!

Well get rid of it!

The bot program is not only for leveling. You can also use it for vending to earn more zenny. You will not worrying about when it is being disconnected because it will automatically reconnect you char and vend again.

Here's some config of the bot.

In the Control Folder there is a shop.txt there is an instruction regarding on how to setup the config for vending your items.

Here's the sample or the default settings in vending you just have to follow the instructions correctly.

My Shop

Jellopy 3
Andre Card 200,000 5

# This file controls which items to put into your shop, when you are
# vending. To enable vending, set the 'shopAuto' configuration option in
# config.txt to 1.
# The first line of the file is your shop title.
# Subsequent lines are of this format (tab-delimited):
# []
# If has commas in it, they must appear in the right places.
# This can be useful for preventing accidentally vending an item
# for the wrong price.

Rok On!


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