Friday, May 1, 2009

Guillotine Cross

One of the most powerful jobs during sieges is the Assassin Cross. Given the proper set of equips (such as Megingards), SL buffs(to boost their Sonic Blow damage) and their skill EDP, the emperium could only last in less than ten seconds. No other job in RO today could match this. Besides, their skill cloaking combined with the speed potions made them invincible. I hate it when they do that and attack our castle. How I wish cloaking and speed potions would not stack. It’s like it isn’t enough, Gravity has introduced the Ragnarok Third Job Guillotine Cross.

The Guillotine Cross skill today focuses more on improving their attacks – yet again. Their known skills are Small Arms Mastery, Stab and Twist, Black Shadow and Sit Throat. Sounds deadly, isn’t it?

The Small Arms Master is a passive skill that increases the attack of the dagger and surigum weapon types. This will benefit mostly the dual dagger assassins which I consider the fastest emperium breaker. Stab and Twist on the other hand could boost the Ragnarok Guillotine Cross attack up to 900% . Imagine an assassin with Megingard and Mjolnir and a good build. It’s like an Extremity Fist with no delay or sp recovery items needed. A Guillotine Cross and devotion Crusader would be a very good combination in boss hunts as well because of this skill.

The Black Shadow gives the Guillotine Cross the perfect hide. Ruwach and Sight wouldn’t be able to detect the Ragnarok third job Guillotine Cross. Slit Throat is a chance and enemy hp dependent. If you succeed, you may kill your opponent instantly.

Ragnarok Guillotine Cross

Small Arms Mastery
Passive Skill
After years of training, a Guillotine Cross may recieve profeciency bonuses for the dagger and surigum weapon types.
Level 1: +10 ATK
Level 2: +20 ATK
Level 3: +30 ATK
Level 4: +40 ATK
Level 5: +50 ATK
Level 6: +60 ATK
Level 7: +70 ATK
Level 8: +80 ATK
Level 9: +90 ATK
Level 10: +100 ATK
(Skill stacks with all other bonuses, and adds an ATK value that ignores DEF)

Stab and Twist
Active Skill
Consumes 30SP
With either a surigum or a dagger, the Guillotine Cross may forcefully stab an enemy, causing massive damage.
Level 1: 200% AtK
Level 2: 300% ATK
Level 3: 500% ATK
Level 4: 700% ATK
Level 5: 900% ATK
(Skill has a delay at the end, with 99DEX+ the skill delay is removed)

Black Shadow
Active Skill
Consumes 35SP
Using the dark powers within the body of every Guillotine Cross, he/she may become perfectly hidden. When Black Shadow is used, the Guillotine Cross may walk freely and be invisible from every form of Sight and Ruwach, undetectable until the skill runs out or the Shadow uses a skill/attacks.
Level 1: 30 Second Perfect Hide
Level 2: 50 Second Perfect Hide
Level 3: 70 Second Perfect Hide
Level 4: 90 Second Perfect Hide
Level 5: 120 Second Perfect Hide

Slit Throat
Active Skill
Consumes 55SP
Using a dagger or a surigum, the Guillotine Cross may cut the throat of a weakened opponent, killing them instantly. Skill always has a 2 second cast time.
Level 1: Enemy must have 10%HP, 50% Chance of Success
Level 2: Enemy must have 12%HP, 55% Chance of Success
Level 3: Enemy must have 14%HP, 60% Chance of Success
Level 4: Enemy must have 16%HP, 65% Chance of Success
Level 5: Enemy must have 18%HP, 70% Chance of Success
Level 6: Enemy must have 20%HP, 75% Chance of Success
Level 7: Enemy must have 22%HP, 80% Chance of Success
Level 8: Enemy must have 24%HP, 80% Chance of Success
Level 9: Enemy must have 26%HP, 80% Chance of Success
Level 10: Enemy must have 30%HP, 80% Chance of Success

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